Cowpunchers - My Rules Light Cowboy Western TTRPG

 So yeah. I've been working on my own game for a while and it's nearing completion so I feel I can share some things about it. Through out this you will see art I have done myself for the game.

It is a rules light game (about 25 pages) that has everything you need to play including a scenario that is very much a rip off of "The Magnificent 7." The game is a mix of skill based and level advancement and it is hyper deadly for characters. Gunfights are deadly and dangerous in real life and I wanted to carry that over into the game. The setting is of course cowboy western. It specifically takes place in the 1870's southwest.

Everything is done on a d6 and success occurs on a roll of 5 or 6. Training in various skills offer extra dice to be rolled during checks with that skill thus increasing the chances of success. Hit point pools are small and it is easy to be taken out by one shot from even just a handgun. Cover and ducking for cover are extremely important to the game.

I have a video coming out next week where I will detail the game more and show an example of character creation and combat. So check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel if this game interests you. I'm pretty nervous about all of this. I've never "made a game" before so this all new to me. I've been an illustrator in this industry for a good while but this is all exciting, scary, and new for me. I've had fun doing the layout on my own as well.

I hope it's good...


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