Dice Rolling on a Guilded Server

A while back I made the switch to Guilded and set up my own server. As of writing this, there are about 40 of us on there. We hang out and talk about pen and paper RPGs and it's great. I made the switch because I didn't care for discord's Terms of Service shenanigans. You can join my server here if you wish. Keep in mind that my server is one where I am promoting free speech. So if you hate people that may disagree with you and you have thin skin, you are going to have a bad time there.

Anyways, one thing many of us wished Guilded had was dice bots like Discord. This allowed a lot of us to use Discord to run many TTRPG game sessions within it with a lot more ease. Guilded has yet to publicly release the API for their platform and the flow bots do not allow the creation of dice rollers. There is a way though!

First you need to download ReGuilded and install it. ReGuilded is a third party injector that allows a bit more functionality and will allow you to install an addon from GitHub that will give you dice rolling functionality. Installing ReGuilded is easy. Just follow the steps.

Next you need to go to GitHub and download this Addon for ReGuilded. Download this addon and unzip it anyplace where you can easily find it. In Guilded, go to your own personal settings. If ReGuilded is installed properly, you should see some options for it at the bottom. Click on "Addons" and then click on the tab titled "Import". At this point, Guilded should look something like this below:

Click "Import" below the Knight with the magnifying glass. Navigate to where you unzipped it and select the folder titled "src". Import that folder. On the "Installed" tab you should see this:

To check if it is working, go to any part of your server or a server you are a member of click the plus (+) sign next to the chat input field. You should see the following:

"Dices" should be available. If it is not, delete the addon and add it again until it does appear. It can be a bit finnicky in this regard and could take a few tries to work. To use this, click "Dices" and you should have the following pop up:

You should have a field for the number of dice you wish to roll and the number of faces you want it to have. Click roll.

You will see this in your input field for chat. You still have to hit send to send it to chat and the rest of your play group and it will look like this:

Each person in a play group needs to do this or just the GM if they plan to roll for everyone because... There is a draw back to this. If players are rolling dice themselves, they have to hit send after seeing the results of the roll. This means they can cheat by rerolling again and again until they get a desired roll. And since they need to hit send in order to send the result to chat, the GM is none the wiser to the cheating. It is the only drawback to this method. Until Guilded publicly releases their API or someone who has already received it codes a proper dice rolling bot for servers, this is the best we have. It's better than nothing though, especially if Discord and its ToS piss you off. Happy rolling!


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