BECMI Solo Adventure Journal #2

 Well the last adventure went so well (that character was killed by a giant ferret) that I thought I would roll up a new character in my home brew setting and try again. Once again I'm using the following generators I made for much of this and using the BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia.

This time a rolled up a human cleric named "Aldric". Aldric is a young initiate in the Church of Sunon. Aldric's scores are as follows:

STR - 14, INT - 11, WIS - 14, DEX - 6, CON - 10, and CHA - 14

HP - 5

Aldric wears chainmail and wields a mace and shield along with a holy symbol around his neck in the shape of the sun (the symbol of his religion).

 This is a monotheistic religion and the predominant one of the northern civilized world. Aldric is a bit older, about 28. He had finished his training in Ironhaven and was given the task of delivering a message to the bishop of Whitebridge. Ironhaven is a large port town with a population of about 24k to 25k. Ironhaven is a lawful town but the guards, captains, and other officials have been known to look the other way if the price is right. The town has a large temple dedicated to the Sun god Sunon. The high priest of the temple in Ironhaven is named Egbert Hawarde and he is a 14th level Cleric. He is advancing in age, but his missionary work and divine powers are impeccable. Ironhaven is known for its vices. The church has tried to reform this but the business of selling vices is strong within the town. They also are known for some mining and mineral deposits on the outside of the city. Lastly, they are known for organizing many wealthy caravans that go east. They often receive caravans and load up their goods on ships that go south to the Sultanate's realm.

Whitebridge is not even close to the size of Ironhaven but it is growing. It is a path between Lunaris and the Dwarven stronghold of Ner-Badhir so it is a often a stop for merchants and traders going back and forth from Ironhaven to the east and vice versa. Whitebridge has a population of 3,548 according to the last census. It has a law level of lawful but corrupt meaning the guards are about as useful as the guards in Ironhaven. The prime economic activity of of Whitebridge is wine and magical artifact research.

The journey from Ironhaven to Whitebridge was uneventful and took 5 days. He arrived at the gates of Whitebridge in the evening and saw the guards speaking to a well dressed man at the gates. They were barring him entrance. Aldric recognized the man as a nobleman from Ironhaven named Hephorus. Aldric approached the guards and attempted to convince the guards that the nobleman was who he said he was. But the guards did not initially believe.

"Why would such a man be out alone in the evening beyond the town walls?"

At this Aldric showed the guards the sigil of the church, his holy symbol. He also showed them the sealed letter from his masters detailing his orders and the letter destined for the bishop of the church in Whitebridge. He assured them that he was a cleric in the service of Sunon and that his word is truthful. This is indeed the Nobleman known as Hephorus. The guards relented and granted both men entrance into the town and closed the gates behind them for the evening.

The nobleman asked for Aldric's name and thanked him by giving him 10gp as he made his way towards the keep and to his quarters for his stay in Whitebridge. Aldric walked through the streets towards the temple of Sunan within Whitebridge. He arrived at the gates to house of worship and was let in. He delivered the sealed letter to a fellow servant of the church and was lead to a common sleeping room on the premises to rest of the evening. In the morning he received a summons from his higher ups. He entered the sanctuary and saw the nobleman Hephorus there.

Hephorus has donated to the church in hopes of having Aldric help him with a task.

"I am being extorted by, I fear, people in power here in Whitebridge. I know the church can be neutral in this. So I come here for help from the church. You seem trustworthy Aldric. I wish to have you come as a witness to this exchange."

Aldric, knowing that Hephorus donated to the church and appealed to his honor, agreed to follow Hephorus to the meeting place in bowels of the city where he would meet his extorters.

Nothing exciting has happened yet, but Aldric lived. I'll try to continue this again. So far this is helping me make some NPCs for this region as well as flesh out the political relationships between cities. Especially since these cities are allied against the Sultanate of king Sundosiaya to the south. They may be allies but that doesn't mean they are friends and are not jockeying for position in the region. I am indeed enjoying this.


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