Atomic Punk 2160 Session 3

Well just wrapped up (as of writing this) the third session of Atomic Punk 2160. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The party left the town of Sand Hollow with a new member named "The Butcher" Andy Denton played by JonhTGG. Andy is a gunslinger and a bounty hunter. This made for a fun little, "how do we know you" thing between Anson and him since Anson is a former raider who left that lifestyle.

We determined that maybe Andy was after Anson's bounty but Anson "paid it" by giving "The Butcher" his medium +1 armor he found in his delve in the last game session. This squared things away and Andy joined the party on their mission to get the water filters for the town of Sand Hollow.

The party then set out back towards bunker 18, but were waylaid by 3 shambling feral revenants. Anson was nearly killed but managed to stay away enough to help the others deal with them. After killing the revenants, they found a medi-stim on one and 80 rounds of machine gun ammo worn around another on a belt.

Because Anson was wounded, they went back to town. Anson sought out the local doctor to remove some radiation from his system he picked up from the revenant attack as well as recover some hit points. After paying the doc and resting the night, the party set out again and this time did not encounter anything on the destroyed highway. They made it back to the bunker and began exploring areas they had not yet been to.

Within they were ambushed by two revenant in a bathroom. One came out from the side of the door as they entered while another came out of a stall. The party handled them easily enough but their combat brought others to look for them. Raiders. The party heard other voices in the bunker, echoing off the walls. They moved back towards an area they had been to and encountered two raiders with clubs and handguns. The raiders raised their weapons and spotted the robot first. A reaction roll was made and the raiders threatened the robot and the party. When the party didn't back down, the two raiders fled back down a hallway they came from.

The party gave chase.

They eventually ran into 5 more raiders who were also obviously raiding the the bunker for loot. The party engaged them and was able to kill all 7 raiders. It appears the raiders were breaking into the area the old bunker overlord and administrator used as an office once. The party found a stash of caps (which was enough to allow Ansen to level up). The party returned back to town. Randall Clunk, mayor of Sand Hollow was disappointed to still see no water filters. I guess the party will have to go back to Bunker 18 to look. They still have not been to the second level of the bunker. We'll see what happens.


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